Global Programs
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Features

Enhance your semester as a Global Problem Solving Fellow by participating in several exclusive opportunities and benefits:


The most substantial component of the two-semester program is participation in a four-part Global Problem Solving research workshop series. In four 3-hour workshops (two/semester), students will be provided with examples of representative research that can serve as platforms for discussion. These workshops will be conducted by faculty whose own research is representative of interdisciplinary approaches to global studies research across the Mason community. The workshops will demonstrate to students how to:

  • Identify and distinguish appropriate source materials relevant to the global problem
  • Create a specific research questions from a global problem
  • Write an organized essay with a clear argument and supporting evidence, interdisciplinary research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Understand the ethical issues involved in conducting research on contemporary global problems
  • Demonstrate the relevance of the research and engage specific audiences

These workshops are designed to be collaborative, hands-on, and participatory to prompt students to get the most out of the time that they put into working together with faculty and other fellows in their cohort.


The research component of the program will be bolstered by a host of activities designed to both support the individual projects of each student participant to encourage their thinking and collaboration as a cohort. These activities include:

  • Discussion forums as a peer support system
  • On and off-campus such as lectures and films with themes/content related to research topics
  • Connecting students to faculty members with shared research interests to serve as mentors
  • Proposal-writing, poster-making, and library liaison resources available through OSCAR
  • Participation in campus activities such as the CHSS Undergraduate Research Symposium

Funding for Study Abroad!

Funding up to $500 is available for fellows studying abroad in a program related to their focus on a global problem. Fellows are encouraged to consider study at one of Mason's partners in Global Consoritum of Universities. These institutions are renowed for innovative pedagogy and research on international topics:

Brazil - University of Brasilia

China - Tsinghua University

India - University of Delhi

Kenya - Kenyatta University

Korea - Yonsei University

Russia Higher School of Economics

Turkey - Istanbul Sehir University

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