MA in Global Affairs

Maggie Zargarpur, 2021

Maggie Zargarpur

Maggie Zargarpur, BA Global Affairs '19, MA '21, is a public speaker, mentor, and chief executive officer at One Community Social Services, a nonprofit organization that helps refugees and families in need. Following the 2021 Afghan refugee crisis, Maggie brought together volunteers and nonprofits to respond to the crisis and assist the 90,000 Afghan allies that were evacuated. She drew upon skills from her bachelor’s and master’s in global affairs from George Mason University, as well as her experience in project management to assist with the response.  

What started as a donation drive grew into a national partnership that provided our allies with essentials, including hygiene items and clothing. Today, One Community Social Services runs programs assisting the refugee community and operates a donation center that serves over 3,000 families in Northern Virginia.