MA in Global Affairs

Susana Masin, 2021

Susana Masin

What are your plans after graduating from the Global Affairs MA program?

Continue working at my current job. I think I would like to learn another language so I will probably get to it after graduation. 

Is there a course, text, or assignment in particular that you will take with you on your alumni life?

I started a research proposal about youth development programs and their impact on youth migration in El Salvador. I think I will continue working on it after graduation but without a set goal. The current political climate in El Salvador and its historical data related to immigration is quite interesting. I would like to keep learning how it affects the youth. 

Please describe one memory or highlight of your time in the program.

The second half of my program was virtual because of COVID and I think that by itself is something I’ll never forget. Writing a proposal for the first time was also fun. I also had the chance to continue working on the topic even after the class.

What would be your advice to new alumni, regardless of whether they are already in established careers or are in search of a job?

I already had a job when I started the program, and I am going to continue working there for the foreseeable future. I started this program with the only purpose to learn about things happening outside of the U.S and to learn how to develop my own way of thinking. I think this program is great to learn and that learning can be applied to many fields, which is great if you are looking for jobs.