MA in Global Affairs

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Where are you from?

My family is from Honduras. I am from Virginia but was raised mostly in Nebraska. 

What was your undergraduate major, and from which university did you graduate?

Spanish major with a minor in International Studies. I graduated from Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska.

What aspects of Mason made you choose to study here?

One aspect that caught my attention about GMU is that it is ranked as the most diverse college in Virginia. I was also intrigued by the resources and connections available with D.C. and certain employers.

What do you hope to accomplish while at Mason? What have you already accomplished?

I am hoping to build connections with people in my career field and am looking forward to my time studying abroad. I plan to apply the knowledge and experiences gained from my classes and travels to promote cultural appreciation and development across national borders. 

What is your favorite thing about being a student?

Ultimately, I love learning. I believe that there is always something to be learned and the more you connect with people, the more you understand situations from different perspectives. My academic interests surround topics such as languages, cultures, traditions, and values of different countries. 

Which languages do you speak?

I speak Spanish and English fluently, and I am taking advantage of the Rosetta Stone offered by GMU to learn Portuguese.