Global Fellows Programs

Global Fellows Programs

Global Health Fellows now recruiting for its second year

GPS Fellows: Solving Global Problems

You are inheriting a world characterized by pressing challenges.  As a global citizen and scholar, you must be prepared to confront global problems ranging from human rights abuses, unequal access to resources and opportunities, health crises, to climate change and environmental degradation and many more. 

George Mason University has created the Global Problem Solving Fellows Program to prepare a select group of Mason students to address global challenges through a specialized yearlong experience of faculty mentorship, research skills workshops, and exposure to leading international intellectuals at Mason's partner universities across the globe. In conjunction with the Students as Scholars program, Mason GPS focuses on training fellows in how to address global problems and proposes creative and innovative solutions through interdisciplinary research. Fellows will participate in research workshops and receive guidance through one-on-one mentorship with faculty. The program encourages participation in an optional study abroad experience by awarding scholarships to GPS fellows. 

Are you interested in becoming a Global Problem Solving Fellow? Students from any major may apply. Fellows will be chosen based how closely they fit the eligibility criteria.

Program Benefits

  • Funding for Study Abroad! Up to $500 is available for fellows studying abroad in a program related to their interest in a global problem. 
  • Meet Global Problem Solvers. Learn from global problem solvers working on the most pressing issues of today by interacting with important practitioners and scholars.
  • Work closely with Faculty: at Mason and abroad
  • Participate in special international events on campus that includes annual global summits with students and faculty from global Problem Solving Consortium universities, other symposia and workshops.
  • Develop research, writing, and presentation skills
  • Develop global connections for a lifetime

Past Themes

  • 2014-2015: Food Security, Urbanization, Development