Two Global Affairs Majors Represent Korean Youth at 2023 World Food Forum in Rome

Two Global Affairs majors, Dayeong Choi and Seoyoon Cho, recently made their mark as Korean youth representatives at the 2023 World Food Forum (WFF) held at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) headquarters in Rome. 

Collaborating with Mason Korea’s student groups, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Builders and G-nonymous, in partnership with FAO, Choi and Cho spearheaded "The Biosecurity Game Project." The initiative aimed to create an educational game, "Save the Pigs," to combat the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Asia-Pacific region.

“I’m honored that I was able to use my experiences in both G-nonymous and SDGs Builders to address FAO's needs in a creative and innovative way,” said Dayeong Choi, a sophomore majoring in global affairs and economics, who also serves as Vice President of Mason Korea’s Student Government. 

Choi and Cho served as panelists, national youth delegates, and booth exhibitors during the forum. As the Youth Delegation, they also played a crucial role in crafting Korea's national statement, leading to meaningful dialogue with global participants. Choi was also honored as a panelist in a globally streamed session, where she engaged in discussions with passionate youth agents. Their booth showcasing the biodiversity game, supported by FAO PLO, attracted over 100 visitors and received international acclaim. 

"Representing Korean youth at the FAO headquarters was a dream come true," said senior Seoyoon Cho, who acknowledged substantial support from Mason Korea. In particular, she credited the Career Development Center (CDC) led by Director Sangyong Lee for facilitating communication with the FAO Korea team, and Dean Shannon Davis and Professor Soyoung Kwon for helping secure travel funds and offering valuable advice. 

"I am glad that I could promote Mason Korea on a bigger stage, giving good impressions to elite youths from all over the world. At Mason Korea, opportunities are always there; all you have to do is seize them," said Dayeong Choi.