Global Affairs Fall 2021 Student Research Week Awardees


Peter Kelemen 
The Origins of Hungarian Political Instability and the Inability to Establish a Democracy 


Lindsey Schmidt 
Culture, Religion, and Economics: The Context Behind the Chinese Communist Party’s Genocide of Uyghurs  



Delaney Soliday 
A potential solution for Iraq, explained 


Gabriel Yu
The Tsai Ing-wen Administration and Taiwan’s Identity 


Honorable Mentions 

Ha Le 
The Impact of Transnational Digital Repression within the Middle East ( the pills of a slow death and control) 

Chaeyeon Lee 
Democracy in a Whirl:Democratic Recession Comes After Wrong Practices of Democracy  

Bryan Perez
Karoshi: An Epidemic in Japan that is Becoming a Global Issue 

Eun Taek Ryu  
The Implication of North Korea’s Current Missle Provocation and its Influence on South Korea-US 

Erika Schaefer 
Western Body Positivity and Fat Acceptance Movements Comparative Analysis with African Societies’ Ideal Body Image and Feederism  

Lana Mae Vanta 
The Malaysian Palm Oil Industry: The Dark and Controversial Side of Palm Oil Process 

Women and Terrorism: Exploring the Activity and Role of Women in Terror Groups 

Isabella Zettler
Closing the Digital Gender Gap: Ugandan Women and Social Media